The most frequently asked questions and answers

Perhaps we can provide some assistance here with the frequently asked questions. In the questionnaire below, we cover some of the themes that come up again and again.


1. How long does liposomal vitamin C last? Liposomal vitamin C can be sealed for more than 1 year. Once opened, the bottle can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 40 days. Please note that we do not use any preservatives.


2. How to store it? Please store the bottles in the fridge. Since we want to protect our customers from harmful chemicals, we do not use any preservatives. Cool storage is therefore very important. Please shake the bottle before each use.


3. Is it still edible after the expiry date? No, you should discard the bottle after the expiration date.


4. Is an overdose of vitamin C possible ? No, that’s almost impossible. But read more about it in Can you overdose on vitamin C?


5. What are the signs of overdosing? Increased urine output. In this case, simply reduce the dosage.


6. What is the bioavailability (degree of effectiveness) of our products? The bioavailability is 95% and is therefore very high.


7. Why can’t our body produce vitamin C ? Here you can find out more about it. Our body cannot produce vitamin C itself


8. Liposomal vitamin C without synthetic ascorbic acid? Here is an explanation of what that is. Liposomal vitamin C from acerola without synthetic ascorbic acid


9. What are the ingredients of LipoLab? Distilled water, lecithin from sunflowers, stevia, vitamin C, natural flavorings but no preservatives or colorings.


10. What is the particle size of LipoLab’s liposomes? Here are the detailed information of the particle size and test results from LipoLab


11. Difference between high-dose vitamin C therapy (infusion) and the liposomal form? On this page we explain the differences, advantages and disadvantages of high-dose vitamin C therapy through infusions


12. Liposomal Vitamin C and Arteriosclerosis These pages deal with exactly this topic Atherosclerosis and lipodomal vitamin C and here too Is LDL cholesterol the real culprit in stroke and heart attack?


13. How long after placing my order can I expect the product? We will send your order to the post office within 24 hours. We ship with DHL. It usually takes about 3 days for the product to reach you at home. If it takes longer than 5 working days, please contact us. We will then send you the tracking number from DHL.


14. Can I make my own liposomal vitamin C? On this page we provide precise information if you want to produce liposomal vitamin C yourself


15. Why don’t we sell other liposomal products? We have a clear attitude and business policy in this regard, which we explain here. We talk about: do other liposomal products really make sense?


16. In which country is LipoLab manufactured? We produce LipoLab in Iceland, but deliver from our warehouse in Germany. So there are no customs fees. Here you can read why we produce LipoLab in Iceland


17. How should I dose liposomal vitamin C? We cannot and must not give precise dosage information. Depending on the intended use, illness, disease stage, age and weight, the dosages differ considerably. But since you can hardly overdose on vitamin C, every user will quickly find their own ideal dosage. You can also get more information from internet forums. However, we have published approximate guide values here on our page Effects and dosage of liposomal vitamin C. But you can also find information here under how do I dose liposomal vitamin C.


18. How can I order? You can place your order on our shop page . You will first be asked which product you are interested in and to which country the product should be shipped.


19. How can I pay and what payment options do I have? Most customers pay with PayPal. However, if you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal also offers credit card payment. (direct debit prepayment)

We also offer pure credit card payment. Simply enter your data in the marked fields.

As we deliver throughout Europe, we cannot offer delivery by invoice.

After your payment we will send you a confirmation with your personal reference number within 24 hours. Once you have this confirmation with the ref. number from us, your order is already on its way to you. We ship with DHL.