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business policy, and about our company LipoLab

Unsere Geschäftspolitik und unser Unternehmen

Why can we offer such low prices?

Normally on the market 1000 mg portions are offered in a pack of 30 5 ml sachets, so only approx. 150 ml per whole pack or bottle at max. 250ml Our product, on the other hand, offers you 2-3 times more for your money, namely 500 ml of pure liposomal vitamin C.
Our low prices come from the fact that we do not use any kind of advertising. We believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising, and this has been confirmed to this day. That’s why we don’t have any advertising costs that are reflected in the prices.
Furthermore, we work in a small team consisting of selected and highly qualified specialists. We keep the “bureaucracy” to an absolute minimum, so that we also save costs there to the benefit of the customer. LipoLab employees are from Germany and Switzerland, but we produce our liposomal vitamin C in Iceland due to lower rental costs.

Our business policy and our company

The most important point, however, concerns our business policy, both internally and towards our customers. We are a team made up of – let’s say – “idealists”. Our small company was founded 9 years ago and we produced and sold our products after 2 years of research. After constant development and improvement, we have now been on the online market for 8 years.
LipoLab was thus one of the first suppliers on the European market.
Our team doesn’t believe in selling our products on Amazon or Ebay because we don’t like their business policy. Instead, we supply a few selected resellers such as doctors, therapists, pharmacies and naturopaths, who also offer advice and can help with questions. Furthermore, we are also happy to provide you with advice. Simply contact us and you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours.


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Our principle

To produce the very best quality as cheaply as possible – which we are the only supplier to prove on this website on the “Guarantee” page. Health should always come first. We therefore clearly distance ourselves from providers who are active in this market for purely commercial reasons and with inferior goods. We also refer to our topic other liposomal products where the reader can form his own picture.


As the first company in Europe to produce liposomal vitamin C, we are a little proud and this pride obliges us to deliver impeccable quality. We are also of the opinion that very good customer service, both professionally and personally, is a very important point for us. The customer should have the feeling that they are being looked after in the best possible way with all questions. The entries on our review page reflect the image we actually want to convey. In the fast-paced times we are in at the moment, customer service is unfortunately often neglected and that is exactly what we want to counteract.

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