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Our partners who work closely with us are listed on this page. As a private customer, you therefore also have the option of contacting one of our partners directly.

In Germany….

Business Name: Nutritional Medicine & Naturopathy

Name: Stefanie Sigwart HP

Website: http://www.gesundhandeln.de
Email: sigwart@onlinehome.de
Phone : 0049 (0)7628/9797
Opening times: by arrangement


My special service are blood and tissue analyzes to detect and remedy deficiencies. Metabolic processes can thus be specifically regulated. The organization of delicious food plays an important role….

Notes: Author of several specialist books

Business name: Naturheilpraxis Best-Vomberg

Name: Best-Vomberg

Website: http://www.naturheilpraxis-best.de
Email: info@naturheilpraxis-best.de
Phone: +49 2620 955 934 0
Opening hours:


Our focus is on infusion therapies based on upstream laboratory analyses. In this way, we can detect imbalances or deficiencies in the metabolism or mitochondrial functional disorders and compensate for them through targeted substitution.


In Austria…

Business name: Wellbeing Vital Academy

Name: Meier Manuela

Website: http://www.wohlfühlvital.at
Email: info@wohlfuehlvital.at
Phone : 0043/664/51 82 898
Opening times: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm Sat 9am-1pm


church square 1,
6973 Höchst Austria


Business Name: Naturopathic Noah

Name: Filinger Thomas

Email: naturheilkunde@tomfili.at
Tel: 004369911339553
Opening times: by appointment


Quantum resonance analysis + evaluation, cold laser therapy, naturopathy, blood value analysis, supplement management, orthomolecular (use of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to prevent and treat diseases)



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