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Testresults of our liposomal vitamin c We at LipoLab had our liposomal vitamin C tested for quality (= particle size of the liposomes) by an independent body – ParticleMetrix Germany. The results show that our liposomal vitamin C really deserves the attributes ‘liposomal’ and ‘nanotechnology’.

Dr. Benen from ParticleMetrix analyzed our liposomal vitamin C with the NANO-flex® 180° DLS system. The device NANO-flex® measures size distributions in the range of 0.3 nm to 10 μm in very high resolution.




Here are Dr. Benen’s results:
Particlesize of Liposomes summary
Comment by Dr. Benen:


Today I analyzed your samples using the Nanotrack Flex (measuring dynamic light scattering). The particle distribution ranges from 20 nm to 1 μm, with a main fraction at 100 nm.

Best regards,
Thomas Benen


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