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Does it really make sense to also take other liposomal products?

The market is currently being flooded with liposomal products, which raises the question of whether all other liposomal products really make sense . Since the liposome conquered Europe about 10 years ago, it has become a box office hit. And to this day, not much has changed. In fact, liposomal vitamin C has done some good things in the meantime, and word of its positive effects has spread quickly.

However, the mere word “liposomal” now seems to have acquired a magical value. That’s why we dedicate a little bit to this “magic potion” and its variations.

Which liposomal products make sense? Here is our answer and some enlightenment.

Basic information on liposomal application

The problem with vitamin C given orally and conventionally in tablet and capsule or liquid form has been bioavailability. In the past, high blood saturation could only be achieved by administering vitamin C intravenously because of its poor bioavailability.

Finally, the possibility was found of supplying the body with vitamin C in liposomal form .
It was now possible to administer high-dose therapies without “needles and drips”. The disadvantage, however, was that really liposomal vitamin C produced with nanotechnology was expensive and very complex to produce. Nonetheless, it was a breakthrough and that’s how the product became popular. The poor bioavailability of this vitamin was consequently circumvented and the desired blood saturation was achieved without infusion. High blood saturation is very important, especially in alternative cancer therapy. The liposomal form can be utilized by the body even better than with infusion.

Are all liposomal products useful?

The success of the liposomal vitamin C did not last long and various suppliers consequently began to produce other liposomal products. Liposomal vitamin C had proven itself on the market and was therefore also a commercial success.
So they finally set about producing the following liposomal drinks:

  • Glutathione in liposomal form
  • Liposomal Vitamin D3
  • The liposomal vitamin B
  • Turmeric (tumeric) as a liposomal drink
  • Zinc in liposomal form
  • Magnesium in liposomal form
  • etc

Liposomal Iron and Zinc

Even liposomal iron is now being offered. When you consider what an excess of iron (hemochromatosis) can do, you should be very careful with it. Zinc can also be easily overdosed, resulting in zinc intoxication. Since there is an interaction between zinc and copper, zinc poisoning can result in a copper deficiency, which can then result in anemia and nerve damage.


Only with glutathione and its equally difficult bioavailability does it look a little different. As a result, and in special cases, a liposomal form in the right dosage can be appropriate. But you have to add that vitamin C itself already stimulates the body’s own glutathione production and thus increases it. In other words, when taking high doses of vitamin C, glutathione levels also increase accordingly…hence its use remains somewhat questionable.


Turmeric is also difficult for our organism to utilize. However, since it is a very inexpensive natural remedy (500 capsules approx. EUR 49.– from organic farming) you can take more of it to achieve the effect. 500 capsules are then certainly sufficient for more than 100 days and consequently there is (in our opinion) no apparent need for a liposomal form.

profit and benefit ?

As a result, you should give some thought. Because everything suddenly became “liposomal” and as long as the word liposomal is mentioned, it guarantees sales and, consequently, profits.
Our body can therefore absorb and utilize vitamin B, zinc, vitamin D3 and magnesium quite well in the normal form, through food or dietary supplements. There is absolutely no need for an expensive and therefore liposomal form. But in this liposomal form, you can get these substances very expensive resp. sell them at a high profit and as a result these useless and sometimes dangerous substances will hardly disappear from the market. A really reputable supplier should distance himself from these products, which are produced for purely commercial reasons (and without any use). On the basis of these facts, the ignorance of the buyers is exploited in order to take money out of their pockets.


We also live from the sale of our liposomal products and we also have our expenses that have to be covered. And of course we also want to earn something.
However, we resolutely refrain from producing useless liposomal variants just to improve our cash register. That’s why we limit ourselves here to our two liposomal vitamin C products. On the one hand our high-dose liposomal vitamin C with synthetic ascorbic acid and then our natural liposomal vitamin C, from the acerola cherry without artificial ascorbic acid.
It contradicts us to make expensive and useless products (just because they’re lipoemal) that don’t really help anyone and that can be bought cheaply.

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