High-dose liposomal vitamin C 3000 mg

Liposomal vitamin C high-dose with 3000 mg / a high-dose product of superlatives

Here we are pleased to introduce you to our high-dose liposomal vitamin C with 3000 mg vitamin C per 15 ml. This highly dosed superlative product will inspire you! It is because we offer the best value for money on the market that we have become so well known. We do not use any preservatives or sugar in our products.

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Based on numerous reports and studies on this topic, we are now presenting this new form of treatment to you. This can now also replace the comparatively unpleasant infusions.

Summary: Distilled water, sunflower lecithin, ascorbic acid 3000 mg, phosphatidylcholine, stevia, natural flavorings.

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Our highly concentrated form… what do we mean by that?

It means that we are the only manufacturer in Europe to produce a highly concentrated 3000mg form . This is particularly important for high-dose applications for more severe clinical pictures.

But here to explain what a liposomal product is. Put simply, one can say that a liposome is a means of transport that takes our vitamin to the cells without loss.

The vitamin is encapsulated by a layer of fat (lipid or a liposome). Thus, it can pass through the stomach with its aggressive acidity without being damaged. Due to its structure, it can then be absorbed by the intestinal villi. It then gets into the bloodstream. From there it will then directly affect our immune system.

And here we want to go into the term “liposome” in more detail. A liposome is a bubble (vesicle) of microscopic size. This consists of the same material as our own cell membranes. They can contain medicines, for example against cancer, but of course also against any other diseases. As already mentioned, they act as tiny means of transport that carry the active ingredient (or more precisely the vitamin) to our cells undamaged. This means that they get the active ingredient directly and can use it without loss. And here is more detailed information about the liposome for advanced readers.


In our case, a small portion of the vitamin is now covered by a liposome and thus completely encased. With its structure, this encapsulation, like our body’s own cell membranes, represents an effective protection. With this encapsulation, it can now dock onto our own body cells. As a result, it can now finally act undamaged and directly on our immune system.

achieve effectiveness

The liposomal form has now made it possible to achieve at least the same (or even higher) effectiveness with oral dosage forms. Therefore, it can replace the infusion with this. The liposomal products that we manufacture using nanotechnology are therefore optimally absorbed by our body.

Due to this method, it is therefore achieved that it achieves a 5 to 15 times better effectiveness (bioavailability). Because, as we know today from numerous scientific studies, our body needs a multiple of the previously assumed amount of this vitamin in the event of serious illnesses and infections. But in order to be able to administer this amount in high doses to our organism, there was previously only the way of infusion . That has now finally changed.

But if you are interested in a natural liposomal product without artificial ascorbic acid , we would like to refer you to our page with our liposomal acerola without artificial ascorbic acid . This product is also manufactured by us and remains completely natural.

Development of a liposome up to its determination

This image sequence illustrates the development of a liposome from production to its purpose in our body.

What could vitamin C deficiency symptoms cause?

  • Increased risk of cancer
  • weakened immune system
  • Increased susceptibility to influenza
  • Lack of collagen formation
  • Decreased eyesight
  • balance disorders
  • bleeding gums
  • loss of teeth
  • Impure and dry skin
  • difficulty concentrating
  • susceptibility to infection
  • Dry and brittle nails
  • muscular dystrophy
  • Decreased wound healing

And what can it do?

  • is successfully used in high doses in alternative cancer therapies
  • is an extremely powerful antioxidant
  • increases collagen formation
  • has an enormous anti-toxic effect
  • Ingested and combined with iron produces hydrogen peroxide, which in turn is converted to oxygen.
  • has an enormous antibacterial effect and thus replaces all antibiotics known to us
  • takes on all viruses known to us
  • promotes the production of glutathione (glutathione is considered the mother of antibodies)
  • produces oxygen and thereby promotes the multiplication of red blood cells (erythrocytes)
  • the effect of 7 gr. Vit. C in liposomal form is approximately that of 10 gr. amount administered intravenously.
  • the tolerability of is excellent compared to the conventional oral dosage form as tablets etc.

How effective are the different forms?

Here is a comparison of the effectiveness resp. Bioavailability of the different doses:

For example, to get 3000mg of vitamin C into your body, you would need to eat about 5kg of oranges a day. This amount might be a bit “too much of a good thing” for many.

You can now achieve this with just 15ml of our liposomal product in the measuring cup provided.

And below are the tables showing the differences and effectiveness of the traditional oral form, the infusion and the liposomal form.

dosage form amount [mg] bioavailability [mg] Bioavailability [%]
oral: tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, liquids 1000 50 – 150 5 – 15
IV infusion 1000 600 – 700 60 – 70
oral: liposomal form 1000 900 – 950 90 – 95


How is our high-dose C absorbed by the body?

oral: tablets, effervescent tablets, capsules, liquids first enters the gastrointestinal tract, where it unfortunately suffers damage and is severely reduced by the stomach acid. The small remainder is then absorbed by the small intestine; Carriers then bring it into the bloodstream and from there into the cells.
IV infusion gets directly into the bloodstream, but first has to be converted and transported to the cells by carriers. This costs energy, and thus reduces the effectiveness / bioavailability.
oral: liposomal form passes undamaged through the stomach and directly into the small intestine . From there it is immediately released into the bloodstream, from where it then reaches the cells and is available.


Making a liposome yourself?

A really good and effective high quality liposomal product is therefore measured in the size of the nanoparticles. (The smaller the better but not below 50nm). Only the tiny nanoparticles (in our case the encapsulated vitamin C) can therefore be directly absorbed by our intestinal villi. It then enters the bloodstream where it is then fed to the cells!

However, if you are interested in the topic of making liposomes yourself , you can find some valuable information there. We at LipoLab constantly commission an independent laboratory (Particle Metrix in Germany) to have our quality/particle size tested. This procedure is expensive, but this is the only way we can guarantee our customers the best quality. For more information, see our Test Results / Bioavailability / Guarantee page

When should you stop taking a high-dose form?

However, according to previous research, there is actually only one reason why you should not take high doses of vitamin C or at least be careful:

If you have acute kidney inflammation or if you have a chronic kidney disease such as kidney weakness. Then you should not overdose on such a product (if at all). The kidney could be damaged as a result. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

You can find more valuable information on effects and dosage

Although science does not agree unanimously, high doses can lead to kidney stones in kidney failure (calcium oxalate). Therefore, one should first be sure that the kidneys are in perfect condition. An examination of the kidneys is relatively easy to do. A urine test and the filtration rate via a blood test show clear results.

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