What is a liposome and how does it work in our body?

What is a liposome and how does it work in our body?

What is a liposome? Here we accompany a liposome on its way through our body until it reaches its destination (the cell). This graphic is intended to illustrate why and how a liposome works in our body. We endeavor to provide our customers with as comprehensive and understandable a picture as possible, which we hope we have succeeded in doing here.

What happens after taking it?

Unlike other foods, the liposome, with its encapsulated vitamin C, reaches the stomach but is not broken down by our aggressive stomach acids.

So it can our stomach resp. our stomach acid pass through unscathed.

From the stomach to the small intestine

Our liposome has now reached our small intestine. The microscopic lipid bubble (liposome) is still intact and can now be absorbed by the intestinal villi. The right size of the liposome (called particle size) is crucial for the usability or effectiveness (also called bioavailability)

Only a particle size between 0.000 150 mm and 0.000 250 mm is suitable to guarantee the best bioavailability.

This is the appropriate size for the intestinal villi to absorb and to pass the liposome to our finest blood vessels.

From the intestinal villi into the bloodstream

Our liposome has now been absorbed by the intestinal villi and is now released from there into our bloodstream. Now the journey continues and the liposome with its encapsulated cargo (vitamin C) makes its way to our cells.

Arrive at our cells

The liposome has now reached our cells and since the liposome shell is made of the same material as our cell wall. When it comes into contact with a cell, the liposome can now deliver its cargo (i.e. our vitamin C) to it, where it reaches the inside of the cell. Now the vitamin C can do its job and influence our immune system.

Another important explanation about the particle size

As we already mention on our website, the right particle size is crucial and determines the effectiveness. If these particles are too large, they cannot be fully absorbed by the intestinal villi and the liposomes are excreted through the intestine. So they have to be the right size to really work. Here we are talking about bioavailability.

So the difficulty in production is getting the right size. Only the tiny nanoparticles can achieve this effectiveness. For more information about the liposome, see ” what are liposomes ” here


It takes quite a bit of effort and energy to achieve these tiny liposomes. We ourselves are not able to carry out an absolutely precise measurement of these particles. This procedure is quite complicated and we therefore send our samples to an independent company in Germany. This then measures our samples with specially suitable devices. Only when we have the measurement results in hand do we start production again.

Real liposomal vitamin C is relatively expensive to produce and therefore this expense is reflected in the retail price. However, if you are willing and willing to pay for quality, you certainly have the right to receive an effective and scientifically based and tested product in return. You also have the right to comprehensive information on this topic.

We hope that you can now better understand the process of metabolizing a liposome with the graphic shown above. It’s always good for understanding if you can get an idea of what’s going on. Since liposomes and their effects are a complex matter, we owe it to the interested party to explain them as simply as possible, which we hope we have succeeded in doing here.

Further questions?

If you still have questions despite the above description, we are always at your disposal. You can then reach us via our contact form.

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