Alternative cancer therapy / diet / high dose liposomal vitamin C

In alternative cancer therapy, in addition to high dose liposomal vitamin C , a change of diet is extremely important. Therefore, the following points are to be noted:

Sugar and cancer

alternative cancer therapy liposomal vitamin cStudies have shown that in the Eskimos on their traditional diet, cancer virtually did not occur. Although they ate animal protein and fat in vast quantities, they remained healthy. However, sugar was hardly found in their meals. With the advent of the carbohydrate-rich processed food in their regions, too, cancer began to take its toll.

One can hardly deny today that sugar is the arch-enemy of health. Since sugar hides in most of our processed food, we are mostly unaware of the quantities we actually ingest.

An alternative cancer therapy that causes tumors to starve

What is clear today is that cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment; they are enormously sugar-hungry and feed almost exclusively on sugar. Sugar provides them with the energy they need to multiply. If one deprives the cells of this energy, they starve, thereby stopping the tumor or even causing it to regress.

Animal protein and cancer

protein from animalsAs mentioned above, cancer was pretty much non-occurring in Eskimos despite the enormous animal protein content in their food. However, we should not draw wrong conclusions and up our animal protein intake. While a healthy body can very well cope with animal protein, cancer patients can’t. The high proportion of animal protein serves cancer cells as fuel and building material (glutaminolysis). That is why people with cancer should not only avoid sugar, but also give up eating animal protein. The elimination of sugar is more difficult to achieve since it is often hidden in our food.

Cancer dietsmoothies in alternative cancer therapy

Cancer diet is about supplying the body with enough vitamins and minerals to build up its immune system. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices from organic raw vegetables should be the main food. Buying a quality juicer is well worth the money. One should drink at least 1.5 liters of freshly squeezed vegetable juice per day. Adding an apple makes the juice more tasty. Otherwise, however, fruits should be avoided because they contain a lot of sugar (fructose).

High dose Vitamin C and its effects in cancer

Vitamin C and glucose (sugar) are very similar in structure. When a high dose vitamin C is added to our blood, we give our bodies a highly effective antitoxin while boosting our immune system in that vit. C acts as a powerful antioxidant. High doses of vit. C, in combination with iron in our blood, turns into hydrogen peroxide which in its turn produces oxygen. Our sugar-(glucose-)hungry cancer cells now take up the vitamin C, but are also faced with the oxygen produced by the vitamin in connection with the blood iron. Since, cancer cells can proliferate only in an anaerobic (oxygen-poor) environment, the oxygen is very toxic to them, causing them to die. Healthy cells benefit from oxygen and are not harmed by it. The high-dose vitamin C treatment is, therefore, some kind of natural chemotherapy, but without side effects.


aluminiumMore and more researchers point out a close connection between cancer and aluminum. Normal healthy cells were exposed to aluminum in long-term experiments, and actually, tumors formed on these healthy cells. It is also important to note that the aluminum stimulated the tumors to metastase.But not only cancer, Alzheimer’s, too, has been associated with aluminum. E.g. people who had taken drugs for gastric hyperacidity for a long time saw themselves confronted with Alzheimer’s, and after a high aluminum content was detected in their brains, the cause was clear. There is also what is called the ‘danger under the armpit’, because most deodorants contain the sweat-inhibiting aluminum.

Therefore, in cancer therapy, care should be taken to strictly avoid aluminum, be it the Coke in the aluminum can, yogurt with aluminum lid, anti-acidity drugs containing aluminum, or even drinking water from the tap because frequently, cleaning agents contain aluminum. Unfortunately, this metal accumulates in the human body, so it can remain there for up to 15 years, i.e. it is reduced very slowly…. for many patients, all too slowly!

Why do we get cancer?

toxic heavy_metalThere are no general answers to this question. But it is becoming increasingly evident that today’s diet as well as environmental pollution are the main reasons. The collective term for this is ‘oxidative stress’. The influence of diet and sugar has already been mentioned. Then there is also environmental pollution, i.e. toxins we ingest and inhale. Many heavy metals are tolerated in certain quantities defined by our health authorities. If the load is below the specified values​​, we can assume that we are on the safe side…. or can we?What is often left out of consideration in these values is the gradual accumulation in our body in the course of many years: Our heavy metal pollution worsens slowly but steadily. Our immune system comes to a point where it can no longer cope with the poisons, and dis­ease begins. As our food chain is also burdened by heavy metals, and long past the quality it had 60 years ago, our immune system is weakened fur­ther. With a vitamin C therapy we can rid ourslves of heavy metals, build up the immune system, and fight the tumor cells at the same time.

With the mentioned diet we can starve the tumor cells but also provide our body with the necessary food in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Further measures in a alternative cancer therapy

We recommend that the following agents are added to the described diet in liposomal and / or intravenous vitamin C therapy:

  • Organic magnesium (available at pharmacies)
  • High-quality rice germ oil (Tschamug Khao available at
  • Selenium (available at pharmacies)
  • Q10 or Ubiquinol (available at pharmacies)
  • Turmeric

High dose vitamin C vs. liposomal vitamin C

The manufacturing of liposomal vitamins is a true breakthrough which already plays a very important role in various therapies. Since standard vitamin C cannot be taken in the required quantities, and its bioavailability is far below the one of its liposomal cousin, effective doses could only be administered in the form of infusions. The availability of liposomal vit. C as an oral form of administration has changed all that. Now, a saturation in the blood—and thus, effectiveness—can been achieved that has only been possible with an infusion.

Nevertheless, we recommend at the start of a alternative cancer therapy an intravenous administration (high dose vitamin C) (50 g to 100 g per infusion) because first, the body needs to be detoxified and the immune system strengthened. Later, vitamin C can be switched from intravenous to oral administration in the form of liposomes. This approach also takes into account the lower cost of intravenous compared with liposomal vitamin C. The more vit. C (intravenous) the sick body receives, and the more frequently, the faster the necessary levels in the blood are reached. This means that with time, less and less vitamin C is needed, and so, it can be taken in liposomal form.

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