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Can liposomal vitamin C be used as an alternative against cancer?

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The application for the alternative cancer therapy vitamin C alternative Krebstherapie mit liposomalem Vitamin C ohne Infusion has been known for many years. Before liposomal vitamin C was used against cancer , infusions of vitamin C were used in alternative cancer therapy. However, these had the disadvantage that:

  • an infection could not be ruled out;
  • these infusions were quite expensive;
  • you just reached high blood saturation once a day;
  • one had to rely on trained personnel for this;
  • the time commitment was very high.

Since the liposomal form became known a few years ago, high-dose vitamin C in liposomal form has been used in alternative cancer therapy. Now you can achieve high blood saturation without infusions several times a day without fear of infection.

Alternative cancer therapy with vitamin C

We would like to expressly point out that high-dose liposomal vitamin C alone is hardly sufficient for alternative cancer therapy. Although it is an enormously important part of it, a very special diet is always indicated. Alternative cancer therapy with vitamin C can be combined with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but we advise you to consider natural (alternative) treatment of the disease first. Since the chemical agents used are highly toxic, not only are cancer cells destroyed, but healthy cells and tissues are also severely affected. Cancer sufferers also suffer massive side effects from these chemical agents.

Here, as with all other diseases, the cause of the disease should be fought and the self-healing powers should be mobilized. In the meantime, numerous cases have been documented in which alternative cancer therapies were able to achieve lasting success. And there are more and more. But here is something else that you should consider. Conventional medicine or alternative cancer therapy?

Download: Vitamin C, How It Works, and Alternative Cancer Treatment Summary (PDF)

Vitamin C against cancer, and its application

Vitamin C has been used successfully against cancer for several years. These are always high-dose gifts. But it is very important that a special diet is also followed.

We advise taking the following supplements and diet with liposomal vitamin C therapy: Vitamin C gegen Krebs Zielerfassung des Tumors

  • Bio-magnesium (available in pharmacies)
  • Omega 3 fish oil
  • Selenium (available in pharmacies)
  • Q10 or Ubiquinol (available in pharmacies)
  • Turmeric
  • Resveratrol (available in pharmacies)
  • Vitamin D3 approx. 4000 IU per day
  • Green vegetable smoothies or Gerson therapy.

For the alternative cancer therapy with liposomal vitamin C , in addition to the administration of high-dose vitamin C, a change in diet also applies, which is extremely important. Therefore the following points are noted:

Sugar and Effect on Cancer/Tumors

Zucker und Wirkung auf Krebs Tumore Studies have shown that tumors did not occur in Eskimos on a traditional diet. Although animal protein and fat were part of their daily diet in large quantities, they remained healthy. However, sugar was hardly on the menu. With the advent of high-carbohydrate processed foods (sugar) in these regions, cancer began to take its toll there as well.

Today, no one can dispute that sugar is the archenemy of health. Since this is hidden everywhere in our industrial food, you are usually not aware of the amounts that you are taking.

Starve the disease

It is now clear that cancer cells, which thrive in a low-oxygen climate, are extremely sugar-hungry and feed almost exclusively on sugar. So sugar is the fuel they need to continue to multiply. If this energy is cut off, the cells starve, resulting in a halt or even atrophy of the tumor.

Animal Protein

protein from animals As mentioned at the beginning, cancer was as good as unknown among the Eskimos, despite the enormous animal protein content in their food. However, one should not draw any wrong conclusions from this and should now eat more animal proteins. While a healthy body can handle animal protein very well, this is not the case in cancer patients. The high proportion of animal protein serves as fuel and building material for cancer cells (glutaminolysis). That is why people with cancer should not only avoid sugar, but also avoid animal protein. However, giving up sugar is more difficult to achieve because it is hidden in our food.


smoothies in alternative cancer therapy The task now is to provide the body with cancer with enough vitamins and minerals and to build up the immune system. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices from raw organic vegetables (smoothies ) should be the main food. Buying a good quality juicer is worth it. You should consume at least 1.5 liters of freshly squeezed vegetable juice per day. To make the whole thing a bit tasty, you can add an apple to each. Otherwise, however, fruits should be avoided if possible, because they contain a lot of sugar (fructose).

High-dose use of vitamin C and its effect on carcinoma

hochdosiertes vitamin C gegen Karzinome When high doses of vitamin C enter our circulatory system, we give our body a highly effective anti-toxic agent while also building our immune system by using Vit. C acts as a powerful antioxidant. Administered in high doses and combined with iron in our blood, it turns into hydrogen peroxide, which in turn produces oxygen. Our cancer cells starving for sugar (glucose) now take the Vit. C but are now also suddenly exposed to the oxygen that vitamin C has created in us in combination with iron in the blood. However, since the cancer cells can only multiply in an anaerobic (low-oxygen) climate, the oxygen has a very toxic effect on them, causing them to die. Healthy cells benefit from oxygen; he does not harm them. The high-dose Vit. So, C treatment is something like natural chemotherapy, but with no side effects.


Aluminium fördert die Tumore More and more researchers point to a close connection between cancer and aluminum. For example, in long-term experiments, normal healthy cells were exposed to aluminum, and tumors actually formed on these healthy cells. It is also important that the tumors were stimulated to metastasize in connection with aluminum.

But not only cancer, but also Alzheimer’s is associated with aluminum. For example, people who had been taking drugs to stop stomach acid for a long time were confronted with Alzheimer’s, and after they were found to have high levels of aluminum in their brains, the cause was clear. One also speaks of the ‘danger under the armpit’, because most deodorants contain the sweat-inhibiting aluminum.

It is therefore essential to avoid aluminum during cancer therapy, be it cola from an aluminum can, yoghurt with an aluminum lid, anti-acidification products that contain aluminum, or even drinking water from the tap, since aluminum is often used in cleaning use comes. Unfortunately, this metal accumulates in the human body and can therefore be detected for up to 15 years, ie it degrades very slowly… too slowly for many patients!

Why are these diseases increasing?

Schwermetallbelastung Apart from the points already mentioned above, there are still no generally applicable answers. But it is becoming more and more apparent that today’s diet and environmental pollution are the main reasons for this. The collective term for this is ‘oxidative stress’. We have already described the influence of diet and sugar at the beginning. There is also environmental pollution, i.e. toxins that we ingest and breathe in. Many heavy metals are tolerated at certain levels established by our health authorities. If the load is below the specified values, we are on the safe side…. or not?

What is often disregarded with these values is the constant, year-long accumulation in our body. The heavy metal load in our body increases gradually but steadily. Our immune system reaches a point where it can no longer control the toxins and diseases begin. Since our food chain is also burdened by heavy metals and no longer offers the quality it was 60 years ago, our immune system is further weakened. With a vitamin C therapy we get rid of the heavy metals, build up the immune system and at the same time fight the tumor cells.

With the diet mentioned, we starve the tumor cells, but at the same time we give our body the nutrition it needs in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Intravenous or liposomal treatment ? Liposomales Vitamin C alternative Krebstherapie

Liposomal vitamin C for alternative cancer therapy has now made a breakthrough created, which already plays a very important role in various therapies. (e.g. also in autoimmune diseases) Since conventional vitamin C does not come anywhere near the required quantities and bioavailability, one was previously forced to give the vitamin in the form of infusions. This has now changed with liposomal vitamin C. This achieves blood saturation and thus an effectiveness that was previously only possible with an infusion. (See our chapter on our homepage How is liposomal vitamin C absorbed by the body?

Further questions regarding autoimmune diseases and alternative cancer therapy can be asked under Contact .

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