Video reports in which doctors report on high-dose vitamin C treatments

Video reports from doctors show the remarkable effects of high-dose vitamin C treatments . Since these therapies were first used mainly in the USA and Australia, the videos are in English.

Video reports on high-dose vitamin C treatments

The various video reports on high-dose vitamin C treatments show the most amazing effects here. We limit ourselves to just a few examples here, but the reports will astound you and give you an idea of its effectiveness.
Some of these videos were written by news agencies, but also by doctors and pharmacologists who were able to test and examine the effects of vitamin C themselves. In addition to these videos, there are numerous scientific studies that have been carried out again and again for over 50 years and explain the “miracle weapon” vitamin C.

Why hasn’t vitamin C and its effects become better known long ago?

The only explanation we can give is that “certain institutions” are not interested in distributing this information, because you cannot make a lot of money with this product. Studies cost a lot of money, and when a company invests in them, they naturally hope to make a profit; this is now impossible with vitamin C. As already mentioned, this is just our guess.

NBC News

interviews a cancer patient who was cured of his cancer. dr medical Scott Greenberg reports on his own patient with breast cancer.

dr medical Coldwell

has become known for its successes in cancer treatment with vitamin C. In this show, broadcast by a TV station, he asks himself a few questions

dr medical murray

Here will Dr. medical Interviewed by Murray Susser, who talks about his experiences.

News TV from New Zealand

This is the tragic story of a farmer in New Zealand who was first diagnosed with swine flu and then blood cancer. He was in a coma in a hospital in New Zealand. The doctors had given up on him and wanted to let him die by turning off the life support machines. However, the family of the doomed farmer fought back, and despite a hard fight against the medical profession, they managed to get the patient high-dose vitamin C, which is why he survived and can now be with his family in good health. Since then, high-dose vitamin C has been recognized and permitted by the government as a remedy in New Zealand !!

Andrew W.Saul, PhD

Andrew W. Saul, PhD, explains that in very high doses, vitamin C acts like chemotherapy, but without affecting the good cells and without harmful side effects.

WHYY news

WHYY News reports on vitamin C fighting cancer and Ellen Hall, a mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer, gives an interview.

Vitamin C infusion treatment

Here you can see patients suffering from serious illnesses being infused with high doses of vitamin C. Some of them provide information on how they feel about the effects.

Prof. William Jacobs Jr.

Prof. William Jacobs Jr. explains in this video that vitamin C is able to kill tuberculosis bacteria that have become resistant to tuberculosis drugs.

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