Videos of the effects of high dose vitamin c

Here are some videos in English, in which doctors confirm the potency of high-dose vitamin C.

NBC News interviews a cancer patient who was cured of his cancer. Dr. Scott Greenberg reports on his own patient with breast cancer.

Dr. Coldwell has become well known for his success in cancer treatment. In this interview broadcast by a TV station he answers some questions.

In this interview, Dr. Murray Susser talks about his experiences.

This is the tragic story of a farmer in New Zealand, who first was diagnosed with swine flu and then with blood cancer. He was in a coma in a hospital in New Zealand. The doctors had given up on him and wanted him to die by switching off life-support. However, the doomed farmer’s family vehemently opposed the plans and succeeded, despite having to struggle against the medical team, in letting him have high doses of vitamin C, which is why he survived, is in good health today and back with his family. Since then, New Zealand’s government has recognized and allowed high-dose vitamin C as a treatment.

Andrew W.Saul, PhD, explains that very high doses of vitamin C work like chemotherapy, but without attacking the good cells, and without harmful side effects.

WHYY News reports on vitamin C as cancer treatment, and Ellen Hall, a mother formerly suffering from breast cancer, is interviewed.

Here we see patients suffering from serious illnesses getting infusions of high-dose vitamin C. Some of them provide information about how they feel the effects.

Prof. William Jacobs Jr. explains in this video that vitamin C is able to kill tuberculosis bacteria that have become resitant to the drugs used to treat tuberculosis