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I am 68 years old, have Stage 4 cancer, originally colorectal, which was successfully operated on, but which metastasized to lungs and ribs. I refused chemotherapy, instead trying various CAM therapies including Gerson , high vitamin intake, and apricot kernels. I didn’t find any of these any help and was getting worse and worse with chest, throat and neck pains, low energy, blocked nose and head, poor balance and bad sleep.

I discovered liposomal Vitamin C mentioned briefly on Carmen Wheatcroft’s orthomolecular medicine site and tried it. I started taking 6 grams a day, no slow build up . Within 24 hours all chest, neck, throat pains had gone, head and nose had cleared and I started to feel much better. This continued – no more pain at all, so no more painkillers. I have kept taking between 6 and 8 grams a day for the last 6 weeks and have got back to my pre-op energy levels – clear head, easy breathing, good sleep, return of appetite. No doubt at all this has been due to liposomal Vit C. It really does work. I am continuing with it at same dosage 6-8 grams a day, and will be interested to see next scan results. A very informative book on vitamins and nutrition with a whole chapter on cancer prevention and treatment is Dr Paul Clayton’s ‘Health Defense’ . He has a website heathdefense.com where you can order the book or via Amazon etc. Michael Gearin-Tosh’s cancer survivor book is excellent – he lasted 11 years after the doctors gave him 12 months – no chemo, just Gerson, vitamins and high Vit C – this was pre-liposomal. As well as Liposomal Vit C I take high dosage alpha lipoic acid, L-Carnitine, curcumin, CoQ10, Vitamins B complex, D, K1 ,K2, Omega 3 fish oils, zinc, folic acid, Siberian ginseng and ginko biloba.



In March 2013 I was diagnosed first with lymph node cancer, but after a thorough investigation it turned out to be systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). My condition was life-threatening, and I spent 10 days in intensive care at the hospital. I was then dismissed and was prescribed to take high-doses of prednisolone and Plaquenil. Over time, the prednisolone was slowly reduced.

During that time I was doing so-so. Several times I had to be rushed to the hospital in an emergency. Eventually, I was informed that the Plaquenil was no longer working, and I received Imurek instead. The liver and spleen inflammation I had had since the first hospitalization could not be classified, so I spent a year with this inflammation. Additionally, anemia set in which weakened me, and I was told that this was the case in many SLE patients. My resting heart rate fluctuated around 120-130, which was getting to me, too. Since heart, lungs and kidneys were not affected, the suspicion was obvious that prednisolone was the culprit. One full year with these drugs I was in a really bad shape. I then decided to start a treatment with vitamin C. I was prescribed high doses of vitamin C intravenously (20 g) 3 times a week. After the first infusion already my brain cleared up, and I felt better. After a week (i.e. 3 infusions) I felt much more energy, and my constant joint pain and swelling were decreasing. In addition to the infusion therapy, I drank raw vegetable juices daily, and took about 6 g of liposomal vitamin C on every infusion-free day to keep the vitamin C levels high. I am having my blood count checked every month to observe the change.

I can say today that I feel great. My blood levels are back to normal, the liver values are ‘​​in the green zone’, the lymph node swellings in the whole body have disappeared, as has the joint pain / swelling. I feel absolutely healthy! Sunshine doesn’t bother me anymore although I’m being careful about it. In short, I can once again live a normal life.

Currently, the vitamin C infusions now take place once a week, but I still take liposomal vitamin C daily. The prednisolone has been discontinued, while I still take 25 mg Imurek a day. But, Imurek, too is slowly being tapered. Attached you will find my blood data showing the progress.”

13 February, 2015
It’s been a year since my last report, and here’s an update: Both Imurek and vitamin C infusions were stopped 6 months ago; instead of infusions I now take about 5 g liposomal vitamin C. I take Plaquenil only every other day. My condition is stable, and I feel fine.

Wannaporn, 25-y., SLE (Lupus)

I would have to say that I saw the quickest results with the Vitamin C. I started taking it when I felt a cold coming on. I started feeling better that same day and had more energy. I have noticed on several occasion one of which was when we were down in Forth Myers Beach visiting Arnold, that after a night of drinking just to found out that the recovery time is much quicker when taking the Vitamin C and B12. I’m not sure you really want to promote that type of thing, but honestly it did help! Good Liver Repair! 🙂

The biggest result Jeff and I have seen is having more energy and a better immune system. I work out 5 -6 times a week and Jeff has just started a regular workout routine. I don’t find myself getting tired in the afternoon like I used to. We both have been pretty healthy this winter season. While everyone else at the office has been getting sick, we have been staying healthy! Jeff has had issues with high blood pressure in the past, I’m curious to see how it is helping with that. I will have to ask him and report back to you.

I just placed a large order today, realized it was better to order more at one time. We have been spreading the word about your product!

Natalie P.

1.5 years ago (2012) I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, with metastases in the intestine and kidneys. A year ago I started on high-dose intravenous vitamin C. The growth at first came to a halt, but there was no remission. However, my general condition kept improving. I have more energy than before. For about 6 months I’ve been taking, in addition to the infusions, liposomal vitamin C (6 grams per day) and liposomal glutathione (1 g per day). Recent records show a slight remission. Since that time, I’ve also put on some weight. I’m curious what the next results will be​​.

My general condition is fine, and considering the last report, I feel even better…

Sirirat, 51-j., breast cancer

I like to thank you for giving heart patients like myself again hope. Though I didn’t find your product until after undergoing a three-vessel coronary artery bypass surgery in 2011, I began taking your product the very first day I returned home from the hospital. Since then I had amazing results with my cholesterol, as follows:

Before starting the Vitamin C therapy: Total Cholesterol 252 and LDL Cholesterol 183.

Doctor’s comments before the therapy: “There’s no proof that nutritional supplements can lower cholesterol or help with heart disease. You need to have taking a Statin drug.”

After being on the Vitamin C therapy for seven months: My total cholesterol was 163 and LDL Cholesterol 98.

Doctor’s comments after 7 months: “This is remarkable! I’ve never seen such a drop in the numbers. If cardiologists knew this, they would be recommending this to all their patients.”

Gregory M., coronary heart disease