Patient reports with liposomal vitamin C therapy

We would like to encourage everyone here to report about the liposomal vitamin C therapy that we offer here and thank you in advance. Send us your own experiences via our contact page and we will then embed your report here on this page.

And here on the following link, we would like to give you the opportunity to express yourself about our products and services. Your critical comments are also welcome and will be published reviews, experiences and customer opinions

Vitamin C therapy for autoimmune disease lupus SLE

We would like to encourage everyone here to report about the liposomal vitamin C therapy that we offer here and thank you in advance. Send us your own experiences via our contact page and we will then embed your report here on this page.

And here on the following link, we would like to give you the opportunity to express yourself about our products and services. Your critical comments are also welcome and will be published reviews, experiences and customer opinions

I was initially diagnosed with lymph node cancer in March 2013, but upon closer examination it turned out to be systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). My condition was life threatening; I spent 10 days in intensive care in the hospital. I was then released with high-dose prednisolone and Plaquenil, which I had to take. Over time, the prednisolone was slowly tapered off.

During this time I felt more badly than right. I was taken to the hospital in an emergency several times. Eventually I was informed that the Plaquenil was no longer working and I was prescribed Imurek instead. The latent liver and spleen inflammation that had existed since the first hospitalization could not be classified, and so I lived with this inflammation for a year. This was accompanied by anemia that debilitated me, and I was told this was the case with many SLE patients. My resting heart rate was hovering around 120-130, which was also troubling me. The heart, lungs and kidneys were unaffected, so the suspicion that prednisolone was to blame was obvious. So for a year on these drugs I was miserable. I then decided to take a vitamin C cure. High-dose vitamin C was ordered intravenously (20 g) 3 times weekly. After the first infusion my brain cleared up and I felt better. After a week (ie 3 infusions) I felt much more energy and my constant joint pain and swelling went down. In addition to the IV therapy, I drank raw vegetable juices daily. In addition, I took about 6 g of liposomal vitamin C on infusion-free days to keep the vitamin C level high. I checked my blood count every month to monitor the changes.

I can say today that I’m doing great. My blood values are normal, the liver values are in the green range, the swelling of the lymph nodes all over my body has disappeared, as has the joint pain / swelling. I feel absolutely healthy! Sunshine doesn’t bother me anymore, even if I’m a bit careful with it. In short: I can lead a normal life again.

The vitamin C infusions now take place once a week again; I still take the liposomal vitamin C every day. The prednisolone has been discontinued while I am still taking 25mg Imurek per day. Imurek is also slowly being phased out. Attached is my blood data, which shows the course.

It has now been a year since my last report and I would like to add a new update on my illness. I was able to stop both Imurek and the vitamin C infusions 6 months ago; instead of the infusions, I now take about 5 g of liposomal vitamin C. I only take Plaquenil every other day. My condition is stable and I am fine.

Here is more information about Lupus SLE and about the effects of vitamin C and nutrition

Wannaporn, 25 yo, SLE (lupus)


I would say that I saw the fastest results with liposomal vitamin C. I always started doing this as soon as I felt a cold coming on. That same day I felt better and had more energy. I’ve also found on a number of occasions, such as when we visited Arnold in Forth Myers Beach, that I recover much faster after a night of drinking when I take vitamins C and B12. I don’t know if you want to list this effect as a benefit… but honestly, it helped! First aid for the liver 🙂

Jeff and I see the biggest effect in more energy and a better immune system. I workout 5-6 times a week and Jeff has just started a regular workout routine. Unlike before, I’m no longer tired in the afternoon. We both stayed pretty healthy this winter while everyone else in the office got sick! Jeff has a high blood pressure problem… I’m excited to see how (Vitamin C) will help with that. I will ask him and tell you.

I’ve just placed a larger order when I saw I was getting better bang for the buck. We did word of mouth for your product!

Natalie P., hr


1.5 years ago (2012) I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastases in the intestines and kidneys. A year ago I started high-dose vitamin C intravenously. The growths came to a standstill at first, but did not recede. However, my general condition improved noticeably. I have more energy than before. For about 6 months I have been taking liposomal vitamin C (6 g per day) and liposomal glutathione (1 g per day) in addition to the infusions. Recent records showed a slight decrease in the growths. Since then I’ve also gained some weight. I’m curious what the next values will be.

I describe my general condition as good and with the gratifying last report I feel even better…

Sirirat, 51-y.o., breast cancer


I want to thank you for the hope you give to patients like me. Although I found your product only after I underwent 3-vessel bypass surgery in 2011, I started taking your product on the very first day after being discharged from the hospital. Since then I have had amazing results with my cholesterol levels as follows:

Before starting vitamin C therapy: total cholesterol 252; LDL cholesterol: 183.

Pre-treatment doctor’s comment: “There is no evidence that dietary supplements help with heart disease or lower cholesterol. You will need to take a statin drug.”

After 7 months of vitamin C therapy, my total cholesterol was 163 and LDL cholesterol was 98.

Doctor’s comment after 7 months: “This is remarkable! I have never seen such a drop in values. If cardiologists knew this, they would recommend this to all their patients.”

You can find out more about cholesterol, heart attack and stroke and liposomal vitamin C on this page

Gregory M., coronary artery disease


Thank you for your patience with me…I know I wasn’t always an easy customer.
I suffer from psoriasis and for years now I’ve finally felt better after taking your vitamin C. The unbearable itching has now become bearable and on some days it is almost no longer noticeable. The skin on my forearms and my scalp, which was affected the most, has improved significantly. For the past 3 months of taking your LipoLab Vitamin C, I’ve noticed an improvement every month. Thanks also for the good service.
Best regards

I. Althaus Hamburg….Thank you


Dear LipoLab team, As you have already been informed after numerous emails, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2017. The shock was great and to be on the safe side I also had another expert opinion obtained, because I simply could not imagine that it should now “hit me of all people”.
My doctors recommended immediate surgery followed by chemotherapy. They said my outlook was good and they didn’t expect any complications. But my “complication” was that I had lost a breast and I dreaded chemotherapy because I unfortunately had to watch my own mother, who was suffering from lung cancer, dying miserably. It was a terrifying experience that settled deep inside me. My therapist (a naturopathic practitioner that I also consulted) advised me to eat a diet high in vitamin C. I should try liposomal vitamin C. This term was therefore foreign to me and so I looked for information on the Internet, in short…I then wrote to LipoLab and asked for more information.
Looking back, I have to apologize for my pushiness and sometimes impatience… I felt bad and was dying of water… so please bear with me. The constant friendliness and helpfulness of your team has always encouraged me. A big thank you for that!!!
It has now been 2 years and I have followed your advice as well as that of my therapist. In the first few months I didn’t notice any positive change, but over time I felt better and better. My family doctor still strongly advised me to have an operation. I told him that I wanted to wait a bit, to which he didn’t react very insightfully and in the end even threatened me something like that. I explained to him that I was doing much better now, which he actually should have seen. He only replied very harshly that this was not a diagnosis and that I should please not question his expert advice.
Another examination about 7 months after the diagnosis and after the diet together with liposomal vitamin C showed that my tumor not only stopped growing, but had shrunk. That was my happy day! I continued to take my diet as well as the liposomal vitamin C…but all the more consistently after the wonderful result of the examination, because the motivation was now fully there. Further examinations after 3 months and then again after 2 months showed that my growth was barely palpable…but still there really hardly recognizable. My tumor markers, that’s what they call them, I think… have improved. As of today…there is no longer a tumor…so it can no longer be felt. Maybe there is something else, but the big lump on my left breast is no longer palpable. In terms of health, I’m doing great and the previous weakness and night sweats have disappeared. I feel healthy! Nonetheless, I’ll continue the cure. If I had listened to the doctors, I wouldn’t have a breast today!! An oncologist at a distant hospital who examined me the other day just shook his head and said….I was very lucky and what I would have done. I didn’t tell him about my therapy because I was afraid of being insulted again. So I just said I was on a certain diet…to which he just said I was lucky enough to heal spontaneously.
Thank you dear LipoLab team…thank you Margot

Margot mammary carcinoma Lindau 39


Unfortunately, my cholesterol levels have been beyond good for many years. total Cholesterol 310 and I tried everything to get these values under control but unfortunately without success. Due to these high values, I already had 2 bypasses because my coronary arteries were blocked.

Another stent was to be placed 2 years ago, as a narrowing was seen elsewhere. I read about the effects of liposomal vitamin C and decided to give it a try. For 13 months now, I’ve been taking about 8000mg of liposomal vitamin C divided into 2 doses per day. Since that time I have never been sick, not even a cold… nothing! However, my cholesterol levels have hardly gotten any better. Cholesterol to 270-280. So not a resounding success but the last echocardiogram just recently with MRA showed that my new narrowing has disappeared. Whether these slightly better cholesterol levels are due to the liposomal vitamin C, I cannot say. However, there was no need to place a stent again and I am very happy about that.

I will of course continue with the vitamin C treatment. I can only highly recommend my fellow sufferers to take a closer look at this method and try it. Unfortunately, I heard about the effects of liposomal vitamin C much too late, otherwise I probably could have avoided the previous procedures.

The matter is now clear to me and I am grateful because I am doing much better otherwise than before.

A. Schmidt 68 years – arteriosclerosis


Hello dear LipoLab team,

As I mentioned in my last email, I’m sending you my report on the success I’ve had with your vitamin C.

I’ve been a regular customer for over 2 years and get the LipoLab from you every month. My husband was hard to convince at first, but he’s been taking his daily dose for 7 months now. His initial skepticism has subsided and his health has been much better since then.

We both have a somewhat weak immune system, I assume, because we always had colds and felt weak and unmotivated. Since taking liposomal vitamin C, that has changed. First my husband saw that I was doing much better (that was probably the reason why I was able to convince him)

Since I and now my somewhat unruly husband have been taking the vitamin C, we’ve been doing fantastic. We have never been sick again and are full of energy. our married life has also benefited from it..)

Thank you for LipoLab and also thank you for all the answered questions.

All the best

G. dirt from Munich – immune system




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