Natural liposomal vitamin C from acerola cherry without synthetic ascorbic acid

Here we present our product liposomal vitamin c from Acerola made without synthetic ascorbic acid. The natural vitamin C from this cherry is left as it is and as such a purely natural product.

Liposomal vitamin C natural without synthetic ascorbic acid

Salenatürliches liposomales Vitamin C aus Acerola
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Natural liposomal vitamin C? Yes, because this form is without synthetic ascorbic acid and is left as a natural product in organic quality.
We are offering the liposomal form of natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry as the only and first supplier on the world market. The acerola cherry has a very high content of vitamin C of 17-20%. Our corresponding product does not contain synthetic ascorbic acid, and the aceola cherries used come fromAcerola cherries and the concentrate controlled organic cultivation. Customers seeking a 100% natural supply will certainly be well advised with this solution.

The liposomal Acerola

The natural liposomal product from the acerola cherry contains about 17-20% purely biological vitamin C (so a lot less than the synthetic form). This concentration is of course also reflected in the liposomal form which means that the proportion of vitamin C is correspondingly lower than in our standard product with synthetic ascorbic acid. However, it contains all valuable flavonoids and minerals.

Acerola cherries

Since it contains just 1000 mg of vitamin C, we do not recommend this product for Vitamin C therapy for which high doses of 10 grams or more per day are indicated such as in alternative cancer therapy, severe inflammation / poisoning and so on. Our product with synthetic ascorbic acid and 3000 mg vitamin C per 15 ml is suitable for this purpose, as it is much cheaper. Nevertheless, if you prefer a 100% natural treatment, you can do so with our natural liposomal acerola, but you would then have to accept the higher price per mg.
The liposomal product from acerola is also excellent for the prevention of other and lighter diseases and also adds valuable minerals and flavonoids to the organism.

acerola cherries on the treeAcerola cherries from 100% organic farming.
No artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used here.

The cherries are gently dried (with 39 ℃)
and then ground.

Natural liposomal acerola

Requests for a natural product prompted us to research this area. It took us over a year to produce this variant. The acerola cherry offered itself as a suitable carrier of vitamin C, and since this fruit contains a very high amount of it, we decided on this variant, for which we are the only producer to date.

What are the advantages of this product?

The bioavailability of a natural vitamin is always better than its synthetic form. Furthermore, micronutrients and flavonoids are present in the natural form (e.g. in the acerola cherry). The latter act as antioxidants and thus also fight free radicals.

The micronutrients, on the other hand, are responsible for the growth and development of tissues and the regulation of metabolism. These are the distinctive benefits of natural vitamin C, but this does not mean that synthetic ascorbic acid is worthless or even harmful. Consider that the numerous scientific studies that demonstrated the outstanding importance of vitamin C over 50 years ago were done with synthetic acorbic acid.


Acerola farming

We therefore recommend natural liposomal vitamin C from acerola for people who want to strengthen their immune system and thus arm themselves against flu, for example. For this, smaller dosages of up to 3 g per day are sufficient.
But when it comes to fighting cancer, Lyme disease, arteriosclerosis, autoimmune diseases or poisoning, we advise to take the synthetic form of vitamin C, because in such cases relatively high dosages are called for, as years of studies have shown.