Natural liposomal Acerola without synthetic ascorbic acid

Natural liposomal vitamin C from acerola without synthetic ascorbic acid natürliches liposomales Vitamin C aus Acerola

Here we present our natural liposomal vitamin C without synthetic ascorbic acid . It is obtained from the acerola cherry. The natural vitamin C that comes from this cherry is left in its natural state. Therefore it is a purely natural product. Further down this page we go into more detail about our natural liposomal vitamin C.

Summary: Distilled water, sunflower lecithin, natural vitamin C from acerola, phosphatidylcholine, stevia, natural flavorings. Acerolakirschen und das daraus gewonnene Konzentrat

Natural Liposomal Vitamin C ? How does it work ?

Yes, because this form does not require synthetic ascorbic acid and is left as a natural product in organic quality.
We are the first and only supplier on the world market to offer the liposomal form of the natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry.
The acerola cherry has a very high vitamin C content of 17-20%. This product does not contain synthetic ascorbic acid. The aceola cherries used come from controlled organic cultivation. Customers who strive for a 100% natural supply will certainly be well advised with this solution.

Our natural liposomal vitamin C from the acerola cherry contains approx. 17-20% purely biological vitamin C (but a lot less concentrated than our synthetic form). This concentration is of course also reflected in the liposomal form, which means that the proportion of the vitamin is accordingly lower than in our standard product with synthetic ascorbic acid. But it contains all valuable flavonoids and minerals.

application areas

However, since it naturally only contains 1000 mg per 15 ml, we do not recommend this product for high -dose vitamin C therapy , where high doses of 10 grams or more per day are indicated, such as alternative cancer therapy, severe inflammation / poisoning, etc

Our product with 3000 mg synthetic ascorbic acid per 15 ml is suitable for this, as it is much more concentrated and also cheaper. You can find out more about our 3000 mg liposomal vitamin C on our homepage. But the same applies here: If you want to treat yourself 100% naturally, you can of course also do this with our natural liposomal acerola . But then you would have to accept the surcharge.
However, the natural product from acerola is ideal for preventing other, less severe diseases and also supplies the body with valuable minerals and flavonoids.


naturliches liposomales vitamin c ohne ascorbinsaure The acerola cherry. From 100% organic cultivation.
Neither artificial fertilizers nor pesticides are used here.

And here is more information about the acerola cherry.

The cherries are gently (with 39 ℃)
dried and then ground.

Liposomal Vitamin C Natural

Customer requests to produce a liposomal vitamin C naturally increased over time, which prompted us to conduct research in this area. It took us over a year to test and then successfully launch this variant. The acerola cherry has offered itself as a suitable vitamin C carrier. Since this fruit contains a very high proportion of it, we chose this cherry. Here is our liposomal acerola, which is 100% natural and has already delighted many of our customers.

What are the benefits of this product?

The bioavailability of a natural vitamin is always better for our bodies than its synthetic form. Furthermore, micronutrients and flavonoids are present in the natural form (e.g. in the acerola cherry). The latter also fight free radicals.

The micronutrients, on the other hand, are responsible for the growth and development of tissue and the regulation of metabolism. These are the distinctive benefits of natural vitamin C, but that in no way means that synthetic ascorbic acid is worthless or even harmful. The numerous scientific studies (over 50,000 in number) prove the effectiveness of vitamin C, but all of them were only made with synthetic ascorbic acid.

We therefore recommend the natural liposomal vitamin C from acerola to strengthen your immune system and thus arm yourself against flu, for example. Smaller concentrations and dosages of up to 3 g per day are sufficient for this.
However, when it comes to fighting cancer, Lyme disease, arteriosclerosis, autoimmune diseases or poisoning, we recommend the synthetic form of vitamin C, since relatively high concentrations and dosages are required in such cases. Years of studies prove this.


acerola farm

In the picture you can see the acerola farm from where we get our fruit. Artificial fertilizers as well as insecticides are strictly rejected here. For this purpose, sustainable planting is sought. This is how we can guarantee the best quality. Read more about natural liposomal vitamin C from acerola here.

What is better now? Natural vitamin C or the conventional form with synthetic ascorbic acid?

This question is not easy to answer because it depends very much on what you want to achieve with the liposomal intake. But it is important so far are all scientific studies on vitamin C and its effects made with synthetic ascorbic acid. All of these positive effects of vitamin C are based on this form of vitamin C. So far, there are no or only very few studies that deal with natural vitamin C.

However, since we know that natural vitamin C also benefits the body from minerals and flavonoids, one can assume that this form of administration is at least as good or even better for us. This is an assumption on our part and, as mentioned, we cannot access any real scientific metadata. But we can say with certainty that the natural form is always good or even better. The only disadvantages of this form of intake are the higher price you have to pay and the lower concentration of vitamin C you get.

Why the price difference and low concentration?

The natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry is much more expensive to procure than the synthetically produced vitamin C. That is why this price difference is also noticeable in the end product. If you now want to use organically grown organic acerola, the price increases again.

The lower concentration of vitamin C can be explained by the fact that no fruit in nature contains 99% vitamin C. This can only be achieved with synthetic manufacturing. The acerola cherry with approx. 18% vitamin C content is one of the fruits with one of the highest concentrations.


It is up to you which vitamin C you prefer. If diseases are to be fought with it, we recommend the synthetic ascorbic acid with a concentration of 3000 mg purely for dosage and cost reasons. However, if only the immune system is to be supported and strengthened, where low concentrations are required, the natural liposomal acerola could perhaps be the choice.

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