Liposomal vitamin C anti-aging and its other areas of application

Anti-Aging and Collagenliposomal vitamin c and anti ageing

When it comes to anti-aging, the term collagen is always of enormous importance and rightly so. Vitamin C (and of course the liposomal form) help you look younger, as free radicals are effectively thwarted. The skin of the face is smoothed and wrinkles are tightened. In order to bring about visible changes, however, at least 3g of liposomal vitamin C twice a day is required. (A higher dosage is easily possible and even advisable here)

We recommend that our customers take liposomal vitamin C together with lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) to support the effect of vitamin C. It also helps to convert blood sugar into energy and thus combats diabetes and makes a significant contribution to collagen formation.

Allergies and vitamin cAllergies

Allergies in many cases cause vitamin C deficiency. Inflammation that occurs with allergies leads to a greater consumption or need for vitamin C. In addition, allergies are often a sign of weakened immune defenses, which can be strengthened with this vitamin.
Rheumatic diseases also indicate low levels of vitamin C, and especially in autoimmune diseases such as lupus (SLE), the level should definitely be increased to counteract the inflammation of the joints.

Gastrointestinal diseases vitamin cGastrointestinal diseases

When the intestinal mucosa is inflamed, it can absorb little or no vitamin C. It is to be noted that our intestine is responsible for 80% of our immune defenses. Therefore, it should always be ensured that enough vitamin C is available.


Smokerssmokers and inpact of vitamin c

Smoking drastically reduces the level of vitamin C. Smoking loads the organism with oxidative stress, which is exceedingly harmful after a long period of time. For example, smokers have an “impure” facial skin, aging occurs much faster than in non-smokers, a consequence of oxidative stress, but also reduced collagen formation. Smokers should therefore take at least 3 grams (3000 mg) of vitamin C per day.

Tumors, cancertumors cancer carcinomes

A deficiency of vitamin C can be very cancer-promoting, especially if this deficiency lasts for a long time. Especially in cancer, it is good advice to have an ample supply of this vitamin. A sufficient vitamin C level can be the best precaution against many types of cancer. Since this disease still scourges people today, the best possible preventive care should be a matter of course. On this subject, alternative cancer therapy provides more and more detailed information.

heart attck, cerebral strokeHeart attack, cerebral stroke

Due to the lack of vitamin C, our arteries become brittle. These are micro-injuries that our organism then tries to fix with cholesterol LDL. The so-called “bad cholesterol” which, by the way, we do need otherwise as well, comes to the rescue here. But, since these micro-injuries cannot be healed because of the lack of vitamin C and always arise anew, the LDL accumulates at these “construction sites”, resulting, at some point in time, in the well-known obstructions. It is not the LDL that is responsible for an infarction, but the cause ultimately lies in the micro-injuries mentioned above. Sufficient vitamin C makes the arteries supple again, and so it helps to prevent infarction in the brain or heart.