About us and our business policy

about us and our business policy

Why are our products so inexpensive?

Normally, 1000-mg portions are offered on the market in a package of 30 sachets at 5 ml, so merely about 150 ml per package or bottle of 250 ml or less. Our product offers 2-3 times that much for your money, namely 500 ml of pure liposomal vitamin C.
The low price we offer here comes from the fact that we do not use advertising of any kind. We believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best advertising, which has been proven true so far. That is why we do not have advertising costs otherwise reflected in the price.
Furthermore, we work in a small team consisting of selected and highly qualified specialists. We keep the “bureaucracy” to the absolute minimum, so we save costs there too for the benefit of the customers. We do not have a physical store in order to avoid rent and other costs. Our employees come from Germany and Switzerland, but we produce our liposomal vitamin C in Iceland because of lower rental costs.

Our business policy

The most important point, however, concerns our business policy internally as well as towards our customers. We are a team that consists of – let’s say – “idealists”. We founded our small company 9 years ago and devoted 2 years to research and continuous development and improvement. We have been producing and distributing our products for 7 years on the online market; thus, we were one of the first suppliers on the European market.
We take a dim view of distributing our products via Amazon or Ebay , because their business policy does not suit us, but instead have some selected resellers such as doctors, therapists, pharmacies and naturopaths who also offer advice and can help with questions.

Our principle

To produce the very best quality as inexpensively as possible – which we prove as the only supplier in this website on the page “Guarantee”. Health should always come first. Therefore, we clearly distance ourselves from suppliers who are in this market for purely commercial reasons and with inferior goods. Please also see our page Other Liposomal Products for more on this issue.